Registration for Scorekeepers

Coaches, teams, players and their parents all enjoy reading about a team's accomplishments, regardless of a win or loss. SportsWriter produces multiple unique stories for games which are published in different mediums.

Coaches or leagues that want game statistics in an easily accessible electronic form benefit from SportsWriter's centralized electronic repository of game data and season statistics. All information is easily accessible anywhere you have a Web browser.

You can browse season statistics by team, player and statistic category. For example, if you want to know which player had the most sacrifices, you can click on that statistic and order the information from highest to lowest.

Because you have the option of entering two teams for a game, you can use SportsWriter as your online scouting tool to review statistics about the teams you compete against.

Anyone that can take 5-10 minutes to enter scores and statistics can register to use SportsWriter. Entry is quick and straightforward.