Digital Publishing

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Digital Publishing is the ability to output content in a human readable, pleasing form from the original source data, with little to no human intervention. SportsWriter facilitates this capability by presenting any sports information in formats that you can use to place in paper or on to your web site.

Digital Publishing includes the ability to publish raw data in an understandable form in real-time or near real-time. From the point of data collection, and using SportsWriter, it's possible to be the competitive news leader by presenting information within seconds after it has been gathered - viewable by people in your area almost at the same time as it was gathered. For example, once results from a game have been collected, SportsWriter can have a story written and it can be pushed to your Web site in under 30 seconds. This capability has real implications where tight deadlines are of concern. Getting games to publication in seconds rather than hours means more time for your staff's important duties, perhaps less overtime on your budget and more time to understand what your community makes of the information.

What is Published? In What Format?

Generally speaking, you can publish anything in the SportsWriter system, including: schedules, rosters, statistics, game scores in agate form, stories and brief box scores. In the very near future you will be able to publish team rankings or standings and you will be able to group and gather, and have complete control over exactly what gets published and to repurpose the information for use in different mediums or for different uses - all at the tip of your fingers. You will also be able to specify output formats for HTML, XML and for Text - formats that work with your existing systems.