Gathering Statistics

statistics graph

From the beginning, eNarratives® recognized that our writing technology would benefit greatly if scores and statistics from a game were saved in an organized fashion for later retrieval. For example, SportsWriter would be able to write about a soccer player's 10th goal of the season or a football player's 500 yards of rushing.

Presenting Statistics

It did not take long before people wanted to also access, sort, rank and review the season statistics by league, team, player or statistic category. That functionality exists at your fingertips, online with SportsWriter. The more you enter, the better the season stats become.

Which Statistics? The SportsWriter philosophy is to request as many statistics as required for good reporting and investigative needs, but not so many esoteric numbers as to overwhelm the average person. In addition, the SportsWriter service automatically creates derivitive stats, percentages and ratios for each sport where needed. To see a current, real-time list of the stats that SportsWriter tracks, please click here!