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An eight-page (or more), full color, low-cost, high quality, frequently published fundraising booklet that contains current player and team information, photos, advertising, coach comments and more for your teams. Click here to see a sample, read more about it, or to get yours.

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A new revolution in text processing, SportsWriter is a full-service, Internet Sports Information News Service (iSpINS) that automates the sports data collection, presentation and publication process. The convenience of the always-accessible Internet means that anyone can log on to enter or review important youth, prep or recreational statistics and also monitor leagues', teams' and players' progress througout the season. SportsWriter is great for both coaches and media outlets.

...And it writes stories too...

The idea that a computer can write an effective, fact-based, intelligent story is no longer "sci-fi." In fact, well-written fiction is on the way: see the Brutus.1 project. The idea for fact-based text generation originally emerged over 20 years ago from one of our founders who produces electronically created advertisements written to a short amount of space. With the birth of SportsWriter, a process that involves teaching the computer to write sports stories has emerged. The end result appears on a very simple, easy-to-use Web page that simply asks for these three parameters about a game:

• Type of Narrative - SportsWriter writes different narratives about the same game.

• Headline size and Body size - SportsWriter self-edits stories to a particular text limit.

• Teams to cover - SportsWriter can cover one or both teams to focus on the team(s) of most importance.

• SportsWriter writes numerous variations of stories for any one game, making a sports section look unique when it contains numerous SportsWriter stories. Each story is written in under 3 seconds. Stories are written in real-time, if the data changes, so does a rewritten story.

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