SportsWriter for the Media

SportsWriter offers newspapers, television and radio stations a secure, auditable and reliable form of data collection that makes publishing or republishing sports information easy. How? SportsWriter gives you the ability to review the online repository of season statistics to prepare for an important interview with a player or a coach, then, with it's publishing module, you can easily publish your stories, schedules, rosters and statistics to the medium of your choice.

Recent enhancements to the SportsWriter service make it an even better tool for publishing more information that is on the web site. You can export rosters, schedules and other team information in XML, HTML and plain text formats and have those either saved as files on your computer or emailed somewhere.

Secure Information

SportsWriter is different than most other sports web sites and services because it is designed with the media's needs in mind. SportsWriter is a closed-system. Users must register themselves, or be registered by your company to access the SportsWriter system. Registration ensures that you know who has entered information - and who you can go to if the information is incorrect. SportsWriter then offers numerous ways in which you may access, publish or repurpose the information for use in print, on your Web site - or even for other data-driven purposes.