Color Team Magazines Make Money!

Your team scores... The crowd roars!!!

The last time that you thought of fundraising for your team, did you sell some candy bars? How long did they last? If the candy is still around, did people connect any thought of the candy bar to your team or to the athlete that sold them the candy bar?
Isn't it more important to tell memories of your team - to tell the stories of your extended family? The reSport CardTM is more than memorabilia, more than fundraising. It's a frequent, weekly, biweekly, monthly, pre or post-season magazine about the athletes in our community.
For many athletes, this magazine is about the way they helped their team. Whether their team won or lost, athletes accrue performance indicators worthy of mentioning and action photos deserving an audience. The reSport CardTM is your team's link to a day they scored, a day they made a play, and a day they heard the crowd roar. It's also your community's connection back to their extended family.

Sports Psychology

How do coaches motivate athletes? How do they handle their doubts, their fears? How do they keep a good thing going? When you sell them for two or three times that at your next game, or get creative and give them away because you earned high advertising dollars, who wins? What is the psychological impact to these young athletes when they see their photos and stats, their stories, printed in full-color on heavy glossy paper?

Consider the impact when the crowd is able to look at the reSport CardTM and cheers a previously unrecognized athlete by their name. The roar of the crowd... AND THEN your team scores!!!

Help your advertisers as they help you

The easily produced reSport CardTM helps you connect with your advertisers too. Because these are inexpensive magazines, your advertisers can get more frequent exposures to their goods and services. A secret that we have uncovered is that short-lived coupons inside the reSport CardTM are a great way to connect your team to your team's biggest financial supporters.
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