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The reSport CardTM details...

How is The reSport CardTMdifferent than a Program?
These magazines represent all information available (including wins, losses, photos and statistics) at the point in time that they were ordered. Team programs are prepared in advance of the season and do not represent current season information, much less current photos, and rely heavily upon people for their design and publication. For experienced reSport Card publishers, learn "How to Be An Effective reSport Card Publisher"
What formats are supported?
You can publish information about one or more teams per book. The standard reSport CardTM is 8.5" x 5.5" and contains eight pages. Additional pages are available for additional costs and an 8.5" x 11" full-color version is also available. You will need to contact us for a quote.
Who wants the reSport CardTM?
Players, parents, booster club members and coaching staff may wish to have one or more copies. Coaches like the reSport Cardâ„¢ because they get a tangible easy-to-read synopsis of statistics. Players and parents love the reSport Cardâ„¢ because it allows them to add more to their memorabilia and scrapbooks.
What's so special about this booklet?
The reSport CardTMinformation is obtained using an all-digital gathering process followed by an all-electronic layout process combined with a fully automated, all-digital, full-color printing press with inline finishing capabilities. With overnight shipping, a game played Monday night can be represented in magazines that are ordered by noon Tuesday, and shipped Tuesday night to arrive Wednesday. The affordability of these booklets allows multiple orders throughout the season to highlight everyone's accomplishments.
What's the turnaround time?
Our typical turnaround time is 1-2 days from the time you place your order through to your approval of the book, via an e-mailed PDF, to shipment. With our brand new all-electronic layout and design system, we are looking at being able to get you proofs of your books within an hour or less, after your order is placed.
How can I customize the booklet for my needs?
You can have photos or logos appear on the cover, team awards appear in the center section, and player's photos throughout. Team or school colors are automatically included as design elements. Optional coach's or player interviews can be published or use team or action photos in place of comments. Of course, by entering each game's statistics, the center section will show a plethora of up-to-date statistics and each player's key stats appearing next to their photos also will be current. Also available are player bio's next to each player, game summary (with game score and top performances), win-loss record, and upcoming schedule. Publish opposing team rosters and stats to attract a wider audience.
How do I get reSport CardTMbooklets?
You can register to use the eNarratives® SportsWriter service (, set up your team and players and then enter statistics as your team plays games or attends meets. You also upload photos to the SportsWriter site. When you are ready for a current booklet, you order it from the SportsWriter site via the online order form. If you want to avoid the SportsWriter service, you can print out this form and e-mail the materials required for publication. The production of the reSport Card without using the SportsWriter service does incur a setup fee and we can't guarantee a quick turnaround time.
Can my organization make money selling The reSport CardTM
Yes. You are free to sell the booklets for whatever you wish and you also have the ability to sell advertising that appears in The reSport CardTM.
How many copies must I order?
The reSport CardTMcan be ordered in any quantity of 25 or more booklets.
How much does The reSport CardTMcost?
The cost per book is $.79 plus shipping and handling. Twenty-five mini-magazines costs just $19.75 plus S&H. Sales tax may apply and customization of the magazines will incur a $25.00 (USD) setup fee.
Which sports can I publish?
All sports. See the link above for the covered sports on SportsWriter, for an idea on what our automation processes cover. Any non-supported sports can also be designed for your team but these incur the standard setup fee.
Content + Advertisers + Distribution = Highly Effective Fundraising Publication
Read about the interplay of content to advertisers and sponsors and the distribution of your magazines: "How to Be An Effective reSport Card Publisher"

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