Welcome to a quick tour through the SportsWriter service.  SportsWriter is a recreational, youth prep and college sports information management system boasting full statistics gathering, review and publishing capabilities as well as featuring a state-of-the-art story-writing engine that writes sports stories from game statistics following A/P style guidelines.

In this tour, you will see an overview of the screens and design of how SportsWriter works. You will see some of the information that can be entered and gain an appreciation for SportsWriter's capabilities.

On Screen Help

Most screens on SportsWriter have help pages attached to them, indicated by a link called "about this screen?", appearing at the top.  These help pages provide more instructions about each field and the operation of that screen.  Additionally, some fields that are abbreviated have an underline (or dotted underline) in which you may move the mouse over the abbreviated word to see a full description of the abbreviation.

The Menus

The menu bar appears at the top of each SportsWriter Page. Navigation occurs primarily through the use of simple menus. The menus change depending upon your security, subscription and options chosen for your needs.

To use the menus, move your mouse over one of the menus and wait for a sub menu to appear.  Move the mouse down over the submenu to go to the screen required. A typical menu:

Image of SportsWriter menus


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